Videos Are Powerful

 Video Marketing = Targeted Traffic!

If you know how to make a video, you can use them to get free traffic.  There are many different things that you will need to learn.  It will take me time to get all the tutorial videos up here showing you everything that I know.  Eventually, they will be in the correct order.

For now, they will be put up as your request come in.

How To Upload A Video To YouTube

This video shows how to upload a video from your computer to YouTube.  At one point, I sound like I am not too smart.  I say that, “the video is starting to open” instead of “download”.  Ha!  Just goes to show I’m human!

Near the end of the video, it shows how to edit an existing video that you may have already uploaded.  Pay no attention when I use the wrong “term”.  I should say the “video is uploading”.  I think I say “saving” or something silly like that!  You’ll know when you get to the spot.  I just wanted to let you know that I know too.  I didn’t want to re-make the entire video just for a small verbal mistake…

to be continued….