Build Your Own List

Have you ever wondered how some people come into a program and immediately sign up 10 or 20 or more people while you are still trying to figure out who to invite?  They have a list!

Recently there is a new program that came out where everyone is required to find 5 people as fast as they can.  I found my 5 people in 1 day and went on to bring in 3 or 4 more before the week was up.  How did I do it?  I have a list.

Ok…so you know that you need to build a list.  Let’s talk about what it takes to do that.

If you are going to have a list, you will need a way to communicate with that list.  You can’t just have a list of a lot of people that you don’t know personally in your address book…and then, start sending them emails.  That is SPAM and is also very illegal.  It will eventually get you in trouble.  No, you want, what is called, an “opt-in” list.  This is a list where people have agreed to be on your list and they have given you their name and email address.  “They opted in to your list.”  And you were able to capture their name and email address with your “Autoresponder”.

What Is An Autoresponder

I’m glad you asked that question!  It is one of the main components to any marketing system.  It works hand in hand with your web site…usually starting out with your “Capture Page” (since you capture information) …also called a “Landing Page” or a “Squeeze Page”.  That is the page where you will usually give away something of value in return for the person’s name and email address.  Then, when they click on the “Submit” button, they are sent to your “Main” site.  But, in the meantime, you have collected their name and email address to your list!

You can also ask for a phone number.  I usually leave that as “optional”.  The more information that you ask for…the less likely they are to give you any information at all and may not even subscribe (opt in) to your list.  You want to make it as easy as possible for people to join your list!  Your list is inside of your “Autoresponder”.

You also want the capability to send out an email to everyone on your list with the simple click of a button.  Your autoresponder is also used for this.  You can also load your autoresponder with almost unlimited messages that go out to your list automatically on the days that you select.  You can also have unlimited list with unlimited messages.

You’ll notice that at the bottom of every email you send out to people, there is ALWAYS a link where they can “Opt OUT” of your list.  It is mandatory and is the LAW!  Knowing this means that you must be very selective about what you send out to your list.  You don’t want people opting OUT of your list.

If you are constantly bombarding them will offers, they will soon all opt out of your list and you will soon have nobody to send anything to at all.  Treat your list as if it were real gold.  Because…in a sense…it is!

There are so many things that your autoresponder can do that it is impossible to mention them all here.  You will learn all about that as time goes on.  The main thing to realize is that, if you are going to be an internet marketer, you MUST have your own autoresponder.

Which Autoresponder To Choose

You will have a lot of choices when it comes to picking an autoresponder.  Two of the top choices are companies called “Aweber” and “Get Response”.  There are others that I will not mention.  I mention these 2 because I have had dealings with both of them for several years.  They are both excellent choices and either one would serve you well.

However, you do not need several.  You only need one.  You can do a google search and read about what each one has to offer.  Then, you can make your own choice.

I recommend Aweber.  Though I have also had an account with Get Response for a number of years, I will let it expire at the end of this term coming soon.  Since I have used Aweber for several years now, I find it to be slightly better with more features and much easier to use.  Obviously, you can make your own choice.  But, I highly recommend Aweber.

Click “Here” for a link.

You can get an Aweber account for only $1 for 30 days.  Then, after that, it is only $19 per month.  In my opinion, that is a small price to pay for your own list.

Now, I understand that you may be on a very low budget in the beginning.  Maybe you absolutely cannot afford to pay $19 per month at this point in time.  You are probably already paying a monthly fee to be in your program.  Never fear!  I am going to show you ways to get people to join your program. (see Fast Track tab)  Then, when you start making money, you can add your own Aweber account.  The important thing is to get your own Aweber account open as soon as you can.  All of the top leaders will tell you the same thing.  If you are going to be successful, you MUST have your own list.  It matters NOT which program you are in or what products and/or services you are selling.  You MUST have your own list.  The time to start building it is NOW.  Or…as soon as possible!

[[Aweber Video Coming Here]]

Create Capture Forms

I’m sure you have been to pages where you have been asked to give someone your name and email address.  The place where you enter the information is called a “Capture Form”.  When you have your account set up, you will have many forms to choose from.  You also have the capability to customize those forms and you can ask for as much or as little information as you want.

Remember, I told you that the more information you ask for, the less likely people are to opt into your list at all.  All I ever ask for is their name and their email address.  Sometimes, I ask for their phone number but I also will usually keep that as optional.  Later, when people buy stuff from you, you will be able to collect more information from them voluntarily as you possibly may need their mailing address or their shipping address.  But, for now, be happy with a name and an email address.

Yes, may people are afraid of spam.  As a result, they will put in a fake name and email address.  There is really nothing you can do about that.  Actually…there is 1 thing you can do.  It’s called a “Double Opt-in”.  What this means is:  When people put in their name and email, the system automatically sends an email to the emai address that they provided.  In that email, there is a link that they much click on to verify their email address.  If they do not click on that link and verify their email address…then, they do not receive the information that you are offering and they do not go to the web site and they will not be on your list.  Basically, if they don’t confirm….nothing happens!

There is a lot of debate if people should use double opt in or not.  I will give both points of view and then you can decide for yourself.  There are good arguments for going either way.

The reason some people like the double opt-in is because, they feel that they get a higher quality of lead.  They figure that a person that goes through enough trouble to enter their information into the boxes, and then go to their email and find the link to confirm that they want to join your list…must be a good, high quality lead.  And, this may very well be true.

I will sometimes use the double opt-in forms.  But, I do it for a very different reason.  I will use it for people that I know.  These people may be on one of my other lists.  Or, they may be in one of the businesses that I am promoting.  Or, possibly, they have purchased some product from me in the past.  No matter what the case is, if I want to be sure that I have the persons correct information, I will use the double opt-in method.

By the way…I am not sure where I first heard the phrase, “Double Opt-In”.  Wherever I heard it, it just kind of stuck with me.  It is actually called, “Confirmed Opt-In”.  This is the correct name.  And, quite rightly so, since people are not opting in 2 times but only once.  I am just so used to saying “double opt-in” that I don’t want to go back and change it.  I think you get what I’m talking about anyway…either term is correct.

Now, I’ll explain the regular 1 step opt-in and why I use it and like it better.

My thinking (and many other marketers) is that, when you make people do too many things, it is more likely that they will just leave without doing anything at all.  When we get into Capture Pages, I will cover this even more.  Our number 1 prioroty is to build our list.  We want the person’s name and email address BEFORE we try to sell them anything.  So, the less information we ask of our prospect, the more likely they are to give us what we want.  I will normally never ask for more than just the “Name” and their “email address”.  I will usually leave the  Phone as “Optional”.

What most people do not know is that, it usually takes an average of 7 communications with a person before they will buy anything from you or join your business.  Yes, some may join you the very first day.  Others may not join you for several days or even several weeks.  But, on the average, you will need to have contact with this person 7 times before they will take action.

So, think about this.   What if you are getting 10 leads a day.  If you did not have an autoresponder, you would have to manually send each person on your list…letter 1….then, letter 2….then letter 3…etc…  Can you imagine what a nightmare that would be to keep up with?  Not to mention all the work involved!  But, if you have an autoresponder, you load all your messages into it just one time.  Then, you select how often you want these messages to go out.  And, it all happens automatically!  I think the autoresponder is the most poswerful and useful tool that a marketer has.

You can broadcast to your entire list or any part of your list with just the click of a button.  You can customize your forms and have the system send out certain things to certain people.  You cannot even imagine all that an autoresponder can do.  And, it’s all for only $19 bucks a month!  This really is a bargain!

And…there’s more good news.  Aweber will also be another income stream for you.  It’s not what we would call “big money”.  For each person that signs up using your link, I think it’s about $3 or $4 or something like that.  But the way I look at it is this…if you can get 5 or 6 people to follow you…then, your system is for free.  FREE is always good in my book!

(to be continued)